Kliksoft offers end-to-end value-added solution packages at any scale by combining distance education infrastructure and content solutions.

Kliksoft has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of server infrastructure solutions, learning management systems, system integration, API development, e-Learning content development tools, virtual classroom applications, design and content development experience, trainer and manager training.

Uzun yıllardır akademik kurumlara, kamu kurumlarına, ticari kurum ve kuruluşlara hizmet veren Kliksoft, tüm bu alanlardaki bilgi, beceri ve deneyimini birleştirmiş ve Klik2Learn adı altında uçtan uca katma değerli uzaktan eğitim çözüm paketi olarak sunmaya başlamıştır.

Kliksoft, which has been serving academic institutions, public institutions, commercial institutions and organizations for many years, has combined its knowledge, skills and experience in all these fields and started to offer it as an end-to-end value-added distance education solution package under the name of Klik2Learn.

  • Server Infrastructure
  • Learning Management System
  • e-Learning Content Development Tools
  • Virtual Classroom Applications for Live Sessions
  • Trainer and Manager Trainings
  • Ready Education Contents

klik2Learn ÇÖZÜMLERİ

Server Infrastructure

Kliksoft also provides server services to its customers who receive distance education infrastructure services, with its hardware and network team based in Istanbul and Bursa.

Klik2Learn solution package provides end-to-end service in service topics such as hosting, implementation and integration, maintenance and support, and security, and provides uninterrupted answers to the ever-increasing and complex needs, especially during the pandemic period.

Learning Management System

Klik2Learn solution package contains a learning management system (LMS) is set up for asynchronous trainings and, if needed, integration with existing systems is carried out, and trainers and administrators are trained.

Kilksoft recommends the Moodle learning management system as a solution in this context.

In case of special needs, additional features can be added to the system depending on demand. Since the work requires software effort, it is projected separately.

e-Learning Content Creation Tools

Klik2Learn solution package contains eLearning content creation tools are provided for asynchronous trainings and trainers of these tools are provided. iSpring Suite, Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio and other required applications are included in the package according to the types of courses and topics to be developed for e-Learning contents.

Kilksoft recommends the iSpring Suite application package as a solution in this context.

Virtual Classroom Applications

Klik2Learn solution package contains virtual classroom solution for synchronous trainings (live sessions). According to the preference of the institution, the solutions such as Adobe Connect, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and/or BigBlueButton are included in the package.

Kilksoft recommends Adobe Connect web conferencing service as a solution in this context.

Trainer and Manager Trainings

Trainer and manager trainings are provided for the learning management system (LMS), e-Learning content creation tools and virtual classroom soultions supplied within the package.

Kliksoft training team carries out training activities both for licensed products and technologies and for technical and professional subjects needed by customers, face-to-face when requested, or by using distance education tools when requested.

Ready-to-Use Education Contents

Klik2Learn solution package contains ready-made training packages in the categories of university common courses for academic institutions and business-oriented personal development trainings for commercial institutions. The content developed by our institution’s content team is SCORM-based and works seamlessly in all industry standard learning management systems.

Mobile Applications

Depending on the request, mobile applications for educational purposes can be developed to run on iOS and Android systems. These applications can be used independently or included in the system. As these solutions require R&D work and design and software effort for development, they are designed separately.

AR+ and VR+ Applications

Depending on the request, educational AR+ and VR+ applications and educational games can be developed. These applications can be used independently or included in the system. As these solutions require R&D work and design and software effort for development, they are designed separately.

eCommerce Layer

Thanks to the e-Commerce layer, which can be included in the system upon request, academic and commercial institutions become able to sell education on learning management systems. Since the solution in question requires software effort for integration, it is designed separately.

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