Kliksoft is a Turkey-based software company that provides software licensing, application development, implementation, integration, training, maintenance and support services for institutions.

Kliksoft, which was founded in 2008, is a Turkey-based software company that offers integrated solutions under the main titles of digital image processing, graphic design and desktop publishing, web design and Internet applications development, e-learning content development and learning management, web conferencing and virtual classroom applications, digital audio and video processing, animation and simulation, as well as mobile application development. It provides software licensing, installation, integration, hosting, technical support, training and content development services for the solutions offered, and realizes value-added software projects.

Kliksoft‘s main area of expertise is distance learning software solutions for institutions. It provides projects for distance learning infrastructures for the needs of institutions operating in the commercial, public and academic sectors, installation of learning management systems, virtual classroom applications, integration with personnel and student information systems and other environmental components, hosting services, periodical maintenance and technical support services.


Kliksoft intends to expand its training, consultancy and support activities in the country and abroad by increasing its competence in the field of information technologies, and to contribute to increasing the number of individuals learning with informatics in societies on a local and global basis by providing IT trainings in the EMEA region.

Kliksoft intends to establish strategic business partnerships with the leading manufacturers of the IT industry, and within this framework, contribute to the spread of online and offline electronic learning environments by developing and distributing trainings for the products of these manufacturers.

With its strategic business partnerships, customer satisfaction and corporate references, Kliksoft intends to gain a remarkable position in important sectors such as information and communication, graphic design and print publishing, web publishing, e-Learning and education management.

In the process of transforming into an information society, Kliksoft intends to contribute to the business world of information and communication technologies, to the development of the competencies and qualifications of human resources with its knowledge and experience.


Kliksoft aims to meet the qualified training needs of corporate customers in the field of information and communication and thus contribute to the workforce and capital in the market for more efficient use of human resources.

Kliksoft aims to show business and career opportunities to adults in the fields of information and communication, and to help them become useful employees for the transforming society in general and the market in particular by providing them with training in these fields.

Kliksoft aims to develop information and communication, desktop productivity, system and software, graphic design and print publishing, web design, e-Learning and training management and similar trainings and deliver them to its corporate customers.

While fulfilling this mission, Kliksoft considers it an important duty to maintain professionalism and quality standards in informatics education as a conscious member of the information and communication sector.

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