Kliksoft works with employees and teams, each of whom is expert and competent in their own field.

Content Team

Our content team develops training content for the special needs of commercial organizations, as well as trainings such as general and special purpose personal development trainings, university joint courses, design software trainings, and creates SCORM and HTML5 outputs of these trainings and shares them with customers.

Development Team

Our software team carries out software development activities that meet customer needs, from APIs needed during Moodle LMS implementations and integrations with other systems to mobile application development for iOS and Android systems.

Hardware and Network Team

Our hardware and network team keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing end-to-end services in service topics such as hosting, implementation and integration, maintenance and support, and security, and by continuously responding to the ever-increasing and complex needs during the pandemic period.

Marketing and Sales Team

Our marketing and sales team continues to reach all domestic and international customers with the same speed and efficiency during the pandemic period, and continues to expand our happy customer ecosystem with the most appropriate solution offers.

Training Team

Our training team performs training activities, both for the products and technologies we license, and for technical and professional subjects needed by the customers, either face-to-face or using distance learning tools when requested.

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