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System Support Specialist

“I prepare training presentations with PowerPoint software. In this training, I realized that there are gaps in my knowledge. It was very useful for me. The clear and fluent narration of the trainer enabled us to increase our knowledge sufficiently. I appreciate.”

Ayşe D., System Support Specialist, Yurtiçi Kargo

Project Manager

“The technical competence of our trainer is quite sufficient. He is a very patient person and an exemplary expert. It is clear from the approaches of the trainer that you are a professional institution.”

İsmail G., Project Manager, GAP Bölge İdaresi Başkanlığı

Educational Technologist

“We appreciate your institution. It was a very enjoyable and instructive training. I would also like to state that I did not get bored in an adult education for the first time, and that I found it quite educational and entertaining.”

Elif K., Educational Technologist, VKV Koç Okulları

Computer Teacher

“I had the opportunity to attend different Adobe training courses before. However, this training stood out from the others as it passed the time in the most effective and efficient way.”

Serkan Ö., Computer Teacher, VKV Koç Özel Lisesi


“Thanks to the warm attitude of the trainer, we received our training in a family environment. We appreciate you for the information you have given us patiently.”

Sinem E., Designer, İBB Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler

Administrative Assistant

“I definitely think it has been very beneficial for my personal development. The narrations were so clear and fluent. Thank you for this training and for your contribution to us.”

Münevver A., Administrative Assistant, Tema Mağazacılık (LC WAIKIKI)

Information Technology Specialist

“I think this training we received is beneficial. Thanks.”

Behçet G., Information Technology Specialist, Doğa Okulları

System Administrator

“The training has been very productive. I hope this harmony will continue in the future as well.”

Uğur Ö., Senior System Administrator, Sakarya Üniversitesi

Human Resources Specialist

“Cem Bey is very knowledgeable about his subject. He exceeded our expectations with his professional approach. The training was conveyed with fluent and easy-to-understand content.”

TBülent A., Human Resources Specialist, Eureko Sigorta

Administrative Assistant

“I personally think it is a very useful training. I would like to receive other trainings of the same education level and quality. I appreciate.”

Esra K., Administrative Assistant, Tema Mağazacılık (LC WAIKIKI)

Distance Education Coordinator

“The trainer is highly experienced and successful. I sincerely congratulate him for his success and his institution, Kliksoft, for having such a trainer.”

Prof. Dr. Mümin E., Distance Education Coordinator, Esenyurt Üniversitesi

IT Specialist

“He is a well-prepared and comprehensible trainer with very clear information about education.”

Enes B., IT Specialist, Ernst & Young Türkiye

Human Resources Specialist

“It was a very productive, rich and enjoyable lecture. Thanks.”

Nazlı Ç., Human Resources Specialist, Arvato CRM

Information Technologies Teacher

“Thank you for providing a foundation for the time given in the training given to me.”

Esra T., Information Technologies Teacher, Doğa Okulları

Publications Coordinator

“Despite our busy schedule, our trainer shared wonderful secrets with super motivation. It turns out what we can do with Photoshop that we think we knew.”

Tolga K., Publications Coordinator, İBB Basın Yayın ve Halkla İlişkiler

Corporate Trainer

“Our instructor, Mr. Cem, was very friendly, communicative and understanding. His competence in human relations and what he told was very good. Thank you very much. We were very happy to have known him.”

Zeynep A., Corporate Trainer, Gözen Güvenlik

Education Branch Officer

“We would like to be informed and participate in new trainings. Mr. Cem was great. The educational environment was good and it was very beneficial for us to receive training in this direction.”

Fırat Sadi Ç., Education Branch Officer, Istanbul Üniversitesi AUZEF

Corporate Trainer

“The training was really technically well structured and fully tailored. Mr. Cem is an excellent instructor, technically and facilitating, who analyzes the need very well and explains in a language that everyone can understand. Thank you so much.”

Tuğçe U., Corporate Trainer, Franklin Covey Türkiye

Training Coordinator

“I benefited a lot. It was very satisfying to learn something new. The trainings were very good. Thank you.”

Selvet M., Training Coordinator, TOBB

Visual Director

“I got answers to all my questions. Our trainer, Mr. Cem, gave very good answers to the question marks in our minds with his fluent speech.”

Onur Ç., Onur Ç., Visual Director, Group Media, Group Medya

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