Kliksoft offers integrated Adobe Connect solutions for your web conferencing, webinar and virtual classroom needs.

Adobe Connect is an online meeting, web conferencing, virtual classroom and webinar applications platform. It consists of module sets that vary according to the license model. Depending on the license agreement, an institution may have some or all of the Content, Meetings, Training, Seminars, and Event Management modules. The platform allows you to conduct location-independent events by holding online meetings, seminars and trainings.

Kliksoft offers the proven Adobe Connect technology for all online activities, licenses it, integrates it with other systems, provides support and training for it.

Kliksoft provides the following services for the Adobe Connect (formerly Macromedia Breeze) platform, which has been actively used in many institutions and organizations in Turkey since 2004.

  • Project Creation

  • Product and Technology Licensing

  • Installation and Customization

  • Integration and API Development

  • Training and Product Support

  • Maintenance and Technical Support


Adobe Connect enables attendees and speakers to connect to their computers without installing any software in online meetings, virtual classroom / live lecture sessions, webinars, and any online event.

Adobe Connect is the last stage in rich Internet applications of Adobe, one of the top 5 software leaders in the world.

Adobe Connect allows you to have a complete communication platform with both asynchronous and synchronous modules. This platform can be positioned in both education and internal communication areas with its time and cost-saving web conferencing features.

Kliksoft, depending on virtual classroom and webinar needs, offers solutions and services under the titles of determination of the right module and licensing preference, project design and corporate quotation preparation, license procurement, Adobe Connect application server and related database installations, integration with environmental applications, user and admin trainings, periodical maintenance and technical support for the server and database, and product update and upgrade.

Adobe Connect provides geography-independent virtual meetings and virtual classroom sessions without requiring any software on the client side (users and presenters), only thanks to the Internet connection. Its main features are;

  • Secure participant management
  • Live audio and live video transmission
  • Live chat and moderated chat “moderated chat”
  • Content loading and playback (ppt, swf, jpg, flv)
  • File, screen and application sharing (application independent)
  • Fully customizable view
  • Whiteboard, instant voting, registration
  • Ability to work with multiple virtual rooms
  • Ability to present with more than one narrator
  • Compatibility with mobile devices

Adobe Connect, apart from virtual sessions, also takes part in the management of asynchronous training. The Training module allows instructors to broadcast and report the theoretical course content on the platform without any technical knowledge. You can do with the Training module;

  • Creating interactive content with audio and video content
  • Creating courses and curricula/syllabi
  • Creating asynchronous quizzes and surveys
  • Associating courses and curricula with specific groups
  • Reporting of learning management processes

Adobe Connect Technical Account Manager (TAM) support program is a 12-month maintenance agreement for Adobe Connect on-premise servers offered by Kliksoft. Thanks to ACIM (Adobe Connect Instant Monitoring powered by Kliksoft) application, Kliksoft monitors the instant resource and hardware capabilities of Adobe Connect servers and determines the necessary technical requirements. Processor, hard drive performance, memory performance, bandwidth, system interruptions and connection numbers are logged and presented as a report.


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