Kliksoft recommends Adobe Captivate Prime to its customers looking for a single learning platform for all their corporate training needs.

Adobe Captivate Prime is a learning management system service provided by Adobe for organizations to train their employees, partners and customers effectively and efficiently. It offers a personalized learning experience that encourages discovery and content consumption.

Adobe Captivate Prime, which has multiple industry awards, can be integrated with other enterprise platforms thanks to a powerful API framework, making learning processes a part of the overall workflow.

Thanks to Adobe Captivate Prime, preferred by companies such as Domino’s, Ogilvy, SolidWorks, Edmunds, GE Healthcare, Publicis Media and Master Electronics, you can accelerate product adoption, manage customer engagement, track customer development/progress and increase customer satisfaction with effective customer education programs. You can strengthen internal and external sales teams to increase sales closing skills, and offer fast and effective learning modules to your front-line employees when needed. You can take advantage of advanced audience management rules and provide personalized learning content. You can access in-depth performance analytics and generate rich insights that inform the business.

Adobe Captivate Prime‘s AI-powered recommendation engine encourages skill-based learning plans to employee groups. It also supports proactive reskilling initiatives with gamification points, certificates and badges. Administrators can make preventive decisions using data from skills and compliance report dashboards.

December 2020 Release

Adobe Captivate Prime has been redesigned to meet learning needs of institutions and organizations.

  • The new system gives you full control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers and partners.
  • You can integrate learning into the workflow by leveraging out-of-the-box integrations with popular marketing technology platforms such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Marketo Engage.
  • You can provide your users with an unlimited canvas to explore unlimited learning opportunities.
  • You can deliver personalized experiences powered by smart recommendations based on profile data, skill group, peer group, and more.
  • The recommendation engine provides AI-based recommendations to create a hyper-personalized student homepage experience. It works on content created by you, as well as curated content from leading providers such as LinkedIn Learning, Harvard Manage Mentor, Get Abstract.
  • With Adobe Captivate Prime, you don’t need a separate LMS and LXP for your organization.

  • Private Domain
  • Course Information Cards
  • Gamification Widget
  • Course Registration Shortcut
  • Customizable Widget Branding
  • Personalized Billboard Ad Unit
  • Admin Recommended Education Widget
  • Peer Recommended Education Widget
  • Marketo Engage Connector
  • Weekly Summary Emails
  • Learning Checklist
  • Social Learning Widget
  • Filter by Course Catalogue
  • Filter by Skill
  • Calendar Widget
  • Course Share Icon
  • Adobe Experience Manager Learning Component
  • AI-powered Training Advice
  • Brand New Reporting Dashboard
  • Next Generation Data Visualization Tools
  • Content Access and Authorization
  • Course-Feedback Reports
  • Extensible Social Learning
  • Accessibility Update

  • My Team View
  • Learning Summary
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Brand New Reporting Dashboards
  • Compatibility Control Panel
  • Student Transcripts
  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Role Based Reporting
  • Learning Plan
  • Easy Setup of Learning Structure
  • Automatically Created User Groups
  • Personalized Student Homepage
  • Badges
  • Instant Notifications and Announcements
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Seamless Migration from your old LMS
  • Content Provider Integration
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • xAPI Support
  • Next Generation Data Visualization Tools
  • AI-powered Training Advice
  • Embedded Fluid Player
  • Local Branding
  • Admin Recommended Education Widget
  • Adobe Experience Manager Learning Component
  • Gamification
  • Leaderboards
  • Marketo Engage Connector
  • Just-in-Time Learning with Job Aids
  • Offline Learning
  • User management
  • SFDC Integration
  • SSO Integration
  • Automatic Learning Plans
  • AI-powered Social Learning
  • Skill Board
  • Course-Feedback Reports
  • Duplicate Certificates
  • One-click Publish
  • Synchronized Users and Catalog
  • Adobe Connect Integration
  • LCMS functionality
  • Discussion Board
  • Mobile Application for Smartphones
  • Attendance marking using QR code
  • Choice of language, format and delivery type
  • Note Taking for Revision
  • Skill-Based Learning

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