Kliksoft develops applications for iOS and Android devices.

Kliksoft is an accredited iOS and Android application developer. It has the ability to produce need-based native applications in different software languages for iOS and Android platforms. It effectively uses Unity 3D applications for AR+ and VR+ applications.

Development Team

Our Istanbul-based software team carries out software development activities that meet customer needs, from APIs needed during Moodle LMS implementations and integrations with other systems to mobile application development for iOS and Android systems.

  • Need-oriented idea and concept consultancy
  • Conceptual design service for software applications
  • Educational game design and application development
  • Application development for educational needs
  • GPS supported mobile application development
  • AR+/VR+ application development


Roleplay Recorder (iOS)

Within the application designed and completed for pharmaceutical representatives, roleplay is the algorithmic concept of the iOS application to be developed, reporting educational activities concurrently with the application during the simulation of information transfer and attitude situations, and recording the reporting and video content.

Dünden Bugüne GAP (GAP from Past to Present)

The concept of Augmented Reality (AR+) is a live view created by enriching the real world environment with digitally produced audio, photography, 3D model, visual and video content. A 400-page printed photo album was designed and enriched with AR+ elements for the “GAP from Past to Present” project, in which the exciting adventure of life from the old Southeastern Anatolia to today’s Southeastern Anatolia. The application can be downloaded from the iOS and Android online stores. After downloading and installing the application, you can watch the images on the link kliksoft.net/tr/dunden-bugune-gap with the application. For a better experience, you can print out the images and watch those outputs with the application.


In line with the request of our pharmaceutical company customer, the coding and visualization phases of the “Concours” game, which was prepared to constantly update the information of pharmaceutical representatives and to ensure the acquisition of knowledge in a competitive environment, have been completed. It was released and made available on the iOS app store. The application was especially appreciated in Europe.

ACIM: Adobe Connect Instant Monitoring (Windows)

ACIM is an application that works with the server for instant monitoring of the resources of the Adobe Connect server. Instant CPU usage, instant hard drive usage, instant memory usage, instant bandwidth monitoring, instant Adobe Connect service interruption can be followed with the application. Thanks to the emergency alert system, Adobe Connect servers with problems are reported to the system admin via SMS.

MEZOPOTAMYA Travel Guide (Android & iOS)

Mesopotamia Travel Guide is a mobile travel guide that includes a city route and a thematic route. It was developed with Ionic framework and Mongodb under the GAP Regional Administration as a Ministry of Development project. The application, which is prepared in two languages, Turkish and English, has features such as creating a profile, identifying the attraction centers in a certain area, informing about them and creating a route.

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