Kliksoft recommends Adobe Captivate to create educational content only in minutes with the help of ready-to-use slides and interactions.

Adobe Captivate is an industry-standard, award-winning desktop application for creating eLearning content. It allows creating slide-based lectures, quizzes and surveys, video demos, interactive software simulations, video-based dialogue simulations, and virtual reality projects.

Adobe Captivate also has the ability to save screenshots; works by capturing screenshots by default when recording video demo and software simulation. In contrast, it can record full motion video footage at 30 frames per second as well.

Adobe Captivate does not require technical knowledge, it provides great convenience and speed in preparing screen trainings for many corporate software applications from enterprise resource planning applications to banking applications.

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Quick Start Projects

Adobe Captivate‘s ready-to-go slides and Quick Start Projects let you create mobile-ready projects in minutes.

Converting PowerPoint Contents

Adobe Captivate allows you to save the content you create with Microsoft PowerPoint as a video and add interactions and knowledge check questions on top of your video.

Virtual Reality (VR+)

Adobe Captivate helps you create experience-based training content such as virtual tours, crisis management simulations, security drills, first responders, and more. You can easily and quickly create mobile-ready content using digital assets that you can source from its online store.

Adobe Captivate enables responsive design with customizable variable boxes.

Talking Heads

Adobe Captivate allows you to create a multi-layered screenshot by simultaneously recording the webcam and screen content.

Adobe Captivate can capture all screen actions such as mouse movements, system sounds, and keyboard inputs. If you wish, you can add these elements to your simulations for educational purposes.

Multi-Module Branching Courses

Adobe Captivate enables you to create multi-module branching training content without the need for programming knowledge or any technical background. You can also make sure students complete each module of the course before taking the test.

Ready-to-Use Assets

Adobe Captivate includes lots of interactions that you can easily customize by simply changing the text and images.

Adobe Captivate also has the ability to convert text to audio (text-to-speech feature).

  • Ready-to-use slides
  • Quick Start Projects feature
  • Improved New Online Store
  • Immersive learning with VR+ experiences
  • Fluid Boxes 2.0
  • Interactive video contents
  • Simplified branching workflow
  • Automatic click-to-replace interaction
  • Multiple theme support
  • Quick picture replacement feature
  • Support for using images and SVG as buttons
  • Appearance copying and pasting
  • Theme fonts
  • Smart font replacement
  • Live device preview
  • 360⁰ learning experiences
  • Automatic background removal
  • Smart screen recording
  • Export questions in CSV format
  • Converting PowerPoint slides to mobile content
  • Automatic device preview
  • Slide overlay
  • Multiple screen sensitivity
  • Automatic switch from non-mobile to mobile devices
  • Adobe Typekit integration
  • Best-in-class screen capture feature
  • Roundtrip editing with Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Responsive text support
  • Responsive themes
  • Responsive motion effects that require no coding
  • Customizable subtitles
  • Device specific preview
  • Shared advanced actions
  • Compliance with LMS standards
  • Multi-state objects
  • Roundtrip editing with Adobe CC
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Accessibility support
  • Ability to convert text to speech
  • Best-in-class HTML5 generation
  • SVG support
  • iOS device capture
  • Geolocation support
  • Native application publishing feature
  • Audio-video support and synchronization
  • Responsive drag and drop interactions
  • In-product LMS preview
  • Master slides

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