Kliksoft provides content development and content conversion services, necessary products and technologies according to the type of content to customers who want to develop their own content, and training services.

Kliksoft offers boutique training content creation services for its clients. The delivered content is transformed into a reportable eLearning content after enriching with copyrighted images and multimedia elements, and after being professionally voiced.

Kliksoft, in case a client wants to produce their own content, provides services for specifying the right software according to client’s needs and the type of content to be created, licensing the product(s) and delivering training courses for users.

Kliksoft offers its customers a ready-to-use personal development training set in line with the concept of adult education which is enriched with copyrighted images and multimedia elements, and professionally voiced.

Content Creation

  • Creation of educational content
  • Use of copyrighted visuals and multimedia elements
  • Packaging SCORM and HTML5

Production Consultancy

  • Specifying the right applications according to the client’s needs and the type of content to be created
  • Licensing and installation of specified software applications

Content Catalog

  • Ready-to-use content catalog containing personal development trainings for all institutions
  • Ready-to-use compulsory common courses catalog for universities

Content Team

Our Istanbul-based content team develops training content for the special needs of commercial organizations, as well as trainings such as general and special purpose personal development trainings, university joint courses, design software trainings, and creates SCORM and HTML5 outputs of these trainings and shares them with customers.

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