T.C. GAP Bölge Kalkınma İdaresi Başkanlığı

Adobe Trainings, AR+ Photo Album and Application, Travel Guide Application for Mobile Devices, Video Teaser etc. Services

Adobe CC Trainings: Adobe CC trainings were held at the Şanlıurfa campus of the GAP Administration with the participation of the relevant personnel.

GAP from Past to Present: The 400-page printed catalog design for the “GAP from Past to Present” study, in which the exciting adventure of life from the old Southeastern Anatolia to today’s Southeastern Anatolia is told, was enriched with AR + (augmented reality) elements. iOS and Android mobile applications to accompany the catalog were also coded and uploaded to the related online stores.

Mesopotamia Video Teaser: For the “Mesopotamia” project office of the institution, a video teaser work was carried out in which the attractions in the cities in the region were introduced using Unity 3D and Autodesk Maya applications.

Mesopotamia Travel Guide: For the Mesopotamia project office, a travel guide and tour application to be used on iOS and Android devices was coded and uploaded to online stores.

T.C. GAP Bölge Kalkınma İdaresi Başkanlığı


Doğukent Mah., 104. Cad., 1155. Sk., No:2, 63330, Karaköprü, Şanlıurfa


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Design Trainings Project

  • Adobe Photoshop CC trainings were carried out. The trainings of the application used for Print Publishing were carried out with a homogeneous working group and hands-on applied training method.

GAP Project from Past to Present

  • 400-page printed photo catalog design, photo classification and layout services were provided.
  • 3D model studies of various elements in the region were carried out.
  • Application coding work was carried out using Unity 3D platform and JavaScript.
  • iOS and Android mobile applications were coded and store uploads were made.

Mesopotamia Video Teaser Project

  • Video teaser conceptual design and scenario studies have been completed.
  • Using Unity 3D and Autodesk Maya applications, the elements in the region were modeled in accordance with the scenario.

Mesopotamia Travel Guide Project

  • The trip navigation application to be used on iOS and Android platforms was coded and the store work was completed.
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unity 3D
  • Mongo DB
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