Vehbi Koç Vakfı Koç Özel Lisesi

Adobe Licensing Services, Adobe, and Microsoft Instructor Trainings

K12 Campus licensing was made for the school’s design software needs. Within the scope of the project, graphic design and desktop publishing trainings were provided for school educators.

In addition, advanced Microsoft Office training courses were held on different dates within the institution.

With the pandemic period, support services for Moodle Learning Management Systems started to be provided, performance was increased by performing maintenance services for improvement, and it was made ready for the pandemic period.

Vehbi Koç Vakfı Koç Özel Lisesi


Tepeören, Çayırlar Mevki, 34959, Tuzla, İstanbul


0 216 585 62 00


  • Within the scope of the project, Adobe K12 Site License licensing service was provided.
  • Adobe CS training services were carried out.
  • Adobe K12 Site License
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